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Correct air pressure is the first and foremost thing that a vehicle owner must always consider for a fruitful tyre performance. All the tyre manufacturers and even the vehicle sellers specify a suitable tyre pressure for every particular tyre model that is required to be maintained. PSI and BAR pressure are the most common units of air pressure measurement. It is a least known fact that air from a tyre outflows at the rate of up to 2 pounds per month. Especially during summers, air from a tyre escapes at a higher rate and therefore, it is always advisable to regularly check the air pressure when the temperature rises.

Advantages of correct air pressure:
  • Safety – Over-inflated and under-inflated tyres can lead to poor vehicle handling which might result in an accident, therefore, it is always advisable to keep the tyres sufficiently inflated.
  • Fuel Economy – Tyre pressure has a direct relationship with vehicle’s fuel economy. Under-inflated tyres have increased rolling resistance which consumes more fuel to run the vehicle at the same speed.
  • Tyre Life – Tyres that are over-inflated or under-inflated are damaged faster and therefore are a direct threat to your wallet.

Not only improper wheel alignment can reduce the tyre life of your vehicle but also indecent wheel balance can do a major harm to your vehicle tyres. When you feel the vibration through the steering wheel, it can mean that a wheel is out of balance. This might result in early wearing of steering components and suspension, tyres and rotating parts. Mechanics use tiny weights to counterbalance the heavier areas of the tyre and wheel assembly. In some cases, when the vehicle is at high speed, weights that are added onto the rim or alloy loose and the wheel starts wobbling again, therefore, it is always advisable to get the wheel balanced only through the wheel balancing machine. Guru mantra is that balanced wheels always deliver a swift riding experience and extend your tyre life thereby saving your time and money.

Improper wheel alignment is also directly related to your vehicle’s tyre life. If you are driving in a straight line and your car feels as if it is pulling towards the left or right then certainly the problem is with your car’s wheel alignment. Inaccurate wheel alignment may result in fast and irregular tyre wear therefore this problem should be fixed as soon as possible. Generally, wheel alignment is hampered due to reasons like driving against a pavement, hitting a pothole or excessive steering or suspension wear. Wheel alignment issue can be fixed by adjusting the vehicle’s suspension and steering components. This would also ensure least tyre wear.



Tyrex Kenya participated as one of the best 100 startups among 130,000 applicants from more than 150 countries in 11th Startup Turkey 
https://www.startupturkey.com/Startup100. We were recognized for the nature of our business for the Kenyan Market.

Tyre business in Kenya is still quite informal and as such, it can be a hassle and time consuming just to find good quality tyres at an affordable price. Through our digital platform, we have specialized in retailing and distributing world leading brands tyres. The platform allows consumers to pick your ideal tyre from a diverse portfolio, pay online and the tyre will be fitted at your preferred garage at no extra cost; we pride in having the largest fitment networks. Our partnered fitting centers are leaders in the market using the latest technology in wheel handling.

Tyrex promises to be your go-to tyre dealer when seeking for high quality, affordable and convenience for your tyre troubles. Amongst our top brands are BF Goodrich, Falken, Bridgestone, Apollo, Goodyear, Dunlop just to mention but a few. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for all your car needs that is shock absorbers, rims, and car batteries.

Tyrex Kenya is fast becoming Kenya’s first choice for online tyres and spare parts at large. This is largely owed to the convenience it provides in such an informal industry and our relentless efforts to provide a world-class tyre buying experience to meet our customers’ expectations. We sure hope to continue being of service to you, esteemed customers and your no.1 preferred online tyre dealer.


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